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There have been no cases of our guests contracting malaria during our 4 years to date. We spay insectiside every 2 weeks while we have guests at the lodge and mosquito nets are rinsed with an insectiside.

The highest risk is whilst traveling through populated areas or time spent in the evening at bussy populated venues.

We are not medical practitioners and the following points are recommended guidelines only. Please consult your doctor and also check with your health department prior to departure for any changes in health regulations.

Malaria is prevalent in much of Mozambique and malaria precautions are advised.
Malaria transmission is at its highest during the warmer and wetter months of November through to April. From May through to October the risks of acquiring malaria are reduced.
The malaria parasite requires a host in order to complete its life cycle. Cashewbay is situated on large, unpopulated stand, so the chances of contracting malaria are reduced. Nonetheless, it is worth taking preventative measures.
Both chloroquine-resistant and normal strains of malaria are prevalent in Africa. Malaria is transmitted by a very small percentage of female Anopheles mosquitoes. They are active in the early evening and throughout the night.

MALARIA prophylactic recommendations for southern African travellers:

Expert opinion differs regarding the best approach to malaria prophylaxis. It is important to bear in mind that malaria may be contracted despite chemoprophylaxis, especially in areas where chloroquine resistance has been reported. Please remember that the best insurance is the preventative kind: avoid being bitten by using mosquito repellents liberally. Wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers/slacks in the evenings. Spray with an insecticide like DOOM to kill any mosquitoes that may have flown into your room. Mosquito coils are effective.

If you become ill on your return, while still on prophylaxis or even once you have stopped taking them, ensure that your doctor does everything to establish that your illness is not malaria. Malaria is not a serious problem if you are sensible and take basic precautions.

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