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Santa Carolina (Paradise Island)
Although the hotel on Santa Carolina is in ruins it makes a wonderful day trip from Cashewbay.
Highly regarded as the jewel of the five islands forming the Bazaruto Archipelago, a proclaimed marine national park. The only coral rock island in the archipelago, Santa Carolina is a mere 2.3km in length surrounded by turquoise waters, three beautiful beaches, and coral reefs close to the shore.
Take a day trip for a picnic, snorkeling, exploration, or just for some private beach time.
Until recently the piano which Bob Dylan apparently used was still in the hotel ruins. It is now safely on the neighbouring island but I hear it will be returned when the hotel is rebuild.
The island was also the location of Survivor South Africa 2010 - TV reality show.

Bartholomeu Dias Point (BD)
33km pristine beach linking Ponta Bartolomeu Dias to Inhasorro. A stunning spot, worth a day visit. Drive the back road for a 4x4 excursion and sit on BD Point with a cold one (check the tide times for this trip as the road floods) The area is a an environmentally protected area and where turtles have been found. Birders will delight in the flocks of sea birds and a short stroll in the bush will lead to the discovery of a few unusual species of birds.

Johnson's Beach Bar
Johnson's is situated on the beach just north of Inhassoro, a locally owned and run bar offers great friendly service, local and imported drinks and good traditional food. One of the meeting places for holiday makers.

Places to dive
> Aquarium Reef. Mainly made up of Stag-horn coral and populated with fish, you will also certainly have the occasion to see a turtle or a reef shark. This site also forms part of lighthouse Bay and it is protected by the external barrier at low tide. These places are for experienced divers. The Aquarium Reef can be only reached by boat and is located at a depth of three meters, so there is no place to stand.
> Vengies Bay. Located inside the Eastern barrier reef, this protected place makes it possible to dive at low tide to a depth of five meters.
> Two-Mile Reef is a small reef protecting a narrow channel between Bazaruto and the island from Benguerra. It is particularly well-known for its excellent dive sites inside the reef as well its many enthralling dive spots outside. The tops of the reefs shelter diverse hard and coloured soft coral, many reef fish such as Coachman, Fusilier, Snapper and Surgeon. Potato Bass, King Fish, Barracuda, Devil Fish, Rays and Grey Reef Shark also frequent the area, and there is a chance of an encounter with Zambezi, Tiger and Whale Sharks.
> Paradise Island (Santa Carolina). All the diving areas around Bazaruto are affected by the tides and can only be explored during the low tide, or with high tide on very calm days. However Paradise Island is sheltered by Bazaruto Island from the open sea and you can enjoy an entire day of snorkeling around this picturesque island.

The coral reefs of Mozambique are among the most beautiful in the world and the archipelago of Bazaruto is the best place to explore these exquisite and fragile ecosystems.

Here, one can swim close to turtles, dolphins, the inoffensive whale sharks and observe the rare manatee. The reefs around the island of Bazaruto are filled with fish, turtles, eels, hard and soft corals, and much more...

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